Agrosuper is a food company with more than 65 years of history that produces and sells chicken, pork, turkey, and processed products. Our production process is vertically integrated and begins with the manufacture of animal feed, continuing with breeding farms, processing plants, distribution centers, and commercial offices, allowing us to be present at the tables of consumers in Chile and around the world.

Innovation Strategy:

At Agrosuper, innovation is essential to understanding and solving the challenges of our industry. That’s why we have an Internal Innovation model, where we identify and implement projects from our employees, and an Open Innovation model, through which we develop solutions in partnership with startups and suppliers from Chile and around the world.




The company has a presence in 8 countries (with commercial offices) and exports to 64.


Consolidated EBITDA without accumulated fair value for 2022 in the Meat segment was USD 357 million




We have been working under the Corporate Venturing model, especially with Venture Client, for more than seven years, which has allowed us to achieve results of great impact and transversality in our operation. We are convinced that startups are strategic allies and that partnerships with them generate shared value and competitive advantages in the industry. In 2023, we hope to continue closing successful cases hand in hand with global and more mature startups.

Cristián Meyer, gerente de Innovación
Innovation Manager