Monitoring and traceability solutions for industrial waste

What we are looking for?

At SQM, we have 7 mining operations in northern Chile, where non-hazardous industrial waste such as wood, plastics, and cardboard is generated. Currently, these waste materials are sent to recycling centers or hoppers installed at various locations. Managing these wastes has become a challenge because we lack precise information on the quantity of waste produced per area, the filling levels of each recycling center or hopper, and whether waste segregation is being done correctly.

This lack of information significantly impacts the subsequent waste management process. Moreover, this problem hinders the establishment of an accountability culture in waste generation that should permeate throughout the company and allow us to set goals for each area.

We are in need of finding a technology that enables on-site quantification of waste generation in recycling centers and/or hoppers in real-time and continuous monitoring of their fill levels.


Chemical and Mining.


Chile and projects in Australia and China.


US$10.711 millions in 2022.



How will we evaluate your solution?

That the solution achieves a reduction of at least 25% in waste management times/costs.

We are expecting to find

Detection technologies such as cameras, lasers, infrared, X-rays, etc., connected to a management software.

Recommendations to apply

Review the current opportunities in detail and evaluate whether your technology solves the challenge posed.

Do it without interruptions: find a space in your schedule, a quiet place that allows you to concentrate while you complete your application.

Focus on how your technology fits the opportunity: how your technology would achieve the result expected by the large company. Give accurate data and explain the process in detail.

Your commercial maturity matters to us: the more information you provide us about your commercial maturity (revenue, financing rounds, investors, etc.), the more chances you will have of being selected.

Tell us about your experience with other companies that have had a relevant impact.

Provide additional information that can help us understand the impact of your technology: we highly value your videos, presentations, brochures, success stories, etc…

Apply early: the sooner you submit your application, the more time we have to learn about your solution.

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August 3 to October 15 2023

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November 21 2023

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December 4 to 7 2023

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December 2023 to March 2024

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