Pucobre is a Chilean company that specializes in the extraction and processing of copper through high-standard underground mining. We have a strong commitment to generating value for the development of the country and our people, constantly seeking to improve our competitiveness through operational excellence and the introduction of technology and digitization.

We aim to conduct mining operations that are respectful and friendly to the environment, proactively integrating with communities, and with employees who make safety a way of life.

Innovation Strategy:

We use models of operational excellence management, technology, innovation, and digital tools that add value and consolidate operational improvements, proactively seeking continuous improvement in all our processes and plans.




Our operations are located in the Atacama region of Chile, with various points of extraction and processing of this mineral.


EBITDA 2021 and 2022 of US$ 185 and 142 million respectively.




Being part of the Venture Client SOFOFA Hub has allowed us to accelerate the innovation cycle in our company and connect with startups in a much more direct and clear way regarding our challenges. In addition, the collaborative work between partner companies has created an opportunity to share and learn from the experiences of others.”

Sebastián Ríos
General Manager of Pucobre.